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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial day @ Beach

We are heading beach on memorial day, I'll have suntan again I'm getting so dark already lol. This time we are going to leave the house early in the morning, with all the gears lol tent, table, chairs,coolers and grill ohh my beach mat, because the girl will take a good nap at the beach after grilling and eating hahaha.
Actually I want to have overnight camping at the beach but hubby said that's only good if we are in group, but not advisable when only 3 people, avoid the danger if possible. We are going to Bellows AFB public beach again.... Wheeewwww love to catch waves with boogie board.
BTW we're on diet menu includes grilled pork belly and beef kabi, fruits and salad.
Guys see yah at the beach!


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