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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Hungrrrryyyy!

Last Friday hubby and I don't know where to dine we came from somewhere and its almost 9pm already, while his driving I suggest how about OUTBACK, then he agree, we choose the one near our house. When we arrive at the parking lot I leave hubby to park his car and I went in right away, obviously I'm hungry, so we have our orders, I'm so hungry and was waiting for a while for our orders, to keep me busy and forget a little about my rambling stomach, I took pictures of their coasters. Thats the result of being hungry, taking non sense photos lol

Where's the BEACH?

Hubby confirm that we are heading beach today, its almost noon already and he is still seating in front of the TV watching basketball!.
I am so excited to go to beach because the last time we've been to the beach was last summer, actually our house is located 300 meters away from the ocean with a good beach but for some reason we don't go to the beach near us even it so pretty white sandy beach. We are going by Waimanalo side at bellows beach.
Now his telling me we are going to have our lunch at the beach but I don't know I hate this sports channel especially during weekend! lol
I will keep pestering him to move his ass, we have to go right now.


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