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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cheap Phone cards

I'm now living for good so far away from my family, relatives and closed friends. Most of the day I'm home alone especially during week days when hubby is working and coming home a little late in the evening, when I'm bored and lonely I usually call my family in the Philippines and chat with them on my regular line cellular phone, most of the time i get carried away and can't noticed that I'm talking on my cellular phones for hours, well as expected our phone bill is soaring and it's driving me nuts.
One time I made a few calls and my bill reach t more than $800, thats so stupid of me, I don't end broke making this overseas calls so I search and search online for a cheap phone cards, I need to save and still remain my phone communications with my family and friends.
I almost quit searching for phone cards online, it's never easy to search for and cheap phone cards avenue online, the last site I went and get lucky was, they offer a wide variety of cheap phone cards, they made me save to 80% or more over regular long distance providers.
Thanks God i found this site, I will really recommend it to you my friends, I choose it because:

  • Lowest rate calling card plans
  • Best variety of phone cards
  • Secure online purchase
  • Instant delivery, no waiting!
  • Online account management
If your calling not only the Philippines, you don't have to worry because you can call as many countries as you want a list from A-Z, just check on their web site for the country that you are intending to call. What more can I ask for, phone cards that offer great voice quality and also saves me money.
I have to buy another card now because I'm going to call my mom on mothers day and also those womens who take good care of me while I'm still in the Philippines.


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