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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Volcanic Pollution

A glimpse of HONOLULU: See that cloudy thing? that's not fog that's VOG or volcanic pollution, it came from the big Island where Kilauea volcano is erupting and introducing sulfur dioxide to our air.
This is not good for our health, but what I like about this VOG, the sunset is so pretty with so colorful skies, the clouds during sunset is reddish, orange so beautiful.... If I have the chance to capture one perfect sunset photo I'll share it here for sure....


One of our favorite local food "MANAPUA" or meat bun, lots of choices from cha siu(chinesebarbecue) bun to chicken curry sausage and more. Our best choice is "kalua pig" its like "lechon style" in pinas but different way of preparation, they cook the whole pig inside "imu" or underground oven for about 8 hours, covered with volcano stones and banana leaves, then if cook they shred the meat thinly, its yummy.

Work Boots

Hubby really needs a steel toe work boots because as a Contractor he always at the job site supervising his crew and also his working and helping them do the job most of the time. Construction is a tough job and you really need to protect your feet with a good work boots. To his crew my husband recommend Work Boots USA, The brand he trusted for years.


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