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Monday, April 21, 2008

Somebody used Hubby's credit card!

Last week hubby called me up from his work, he ask me if we have purchased something online using his business credit line, I don't remember we purchased something online, if we happen to purchased online we make sure we used the other credit card with lower credit line never the business one. He said the bank called him up making sure if he did purchased recently to, netflix and theres another one using his business credit line, and one of the bills reach thousand dollars something! golly! he told the bank he didn't purchased from those online thing they mentioned and they canceled his old card number right away, now his waiting for his new card number the bank is going to issue him.
Good thing the bank called him up and make confirmation, thats a lot of lost if the bank didn't call. We really have to watch our cards and double check our monthly statements, better be sure than sorry. Even we are avoiding online purchased still worst things happens. This Thieves are getting better and better every day, they are much Hi-Tech than us! SO SCARRY.


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