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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Smashed this TRUCK!!!

"I hit the gas and then the sensitive steering wheel turn a little left to the side of the gate and BOOM!"
Let me tell you a story about this truck! happened last December 07, I'm learning how to drive and hubby decided to get me a Truck, I like XTERA though but I envy women's who are driving FULL SIZED TRUCK and hubby likes truck too so we end up to this Tacoma. We drive it home from the dealer company, and hubby told me that I have to keep it shinny, smooth and without scratch and dings at the sides, he sounds like (kahit langaw ayaw ipadapo sa truck) so cautious, he even drive it with tons of care, even on making a turn he go really slow and make sure everything is fine.
Fine! we arrived home already dark, our carport is good for one truck and his truck was in, he told me to drive the new truck in while he will drive the old truck out, I rolled the new truck slowly and before our gate got a gutter, I'm so slow and cant climb up so I hit the gas and then the sensitive steering wheel turn a little left to the side of the gate and BOOM! eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk I hit the side of our gate!!! and still hitting the gas I get so shocked! can't believe I damaged the brand new TRUCK! He yelled at me "how stupid my wife, what did you do?" its ok he can yell at me and call me stupid because I am and he will be the one to spend for the damages.
I was so guilty I don't know what to say If only I could turn back time and make my hubby happy huhuhuhu no body have a good night sleep that night! hubby was so frustrated of me. He spend $2,000.00 from his pocket to fix the damage truck since its so brand new and we don't want to use the insurance to fix it for a reason. I took that picture after we bring it home from the Auto Body shop! looks good as new.
And the Korean shop owner ask me, "how did you do it?" he answer his question too "It's easy yah?" lol so easy to smashed car!. Hubby said "its just a car though, besides damage is done he can't do anything about it" (bait ng hubby ko)lol
He enrolled me to driving school and hilarious things happen...


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Wow This is amazing, I wonder how did they do it.
How I wish I can learn this kind things.


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