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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The rasta boy

Jason Castro sings brother IZ "somewhere over the rainbow" with the ukulele, its brother is new version with the orchestra. I was trilled last night I don't have plan watching American idol cause I'm fishing for opps but he made me stop look and listen still in front of our TV, whew I love that song...

We have the new Cd of IZ "Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. I like his song but most of it in Hawaiian language though I don't understand but still I like listening to it.

PPP Postie!

I really thank this person so much who introduced me to blogging you know who are Dear FRIED, shes one of my childhood friend we lost communication for years and early this year I've searched about them online, thanks God I found them, "what a small world". I love blogging because I have gained so many wonderful and good friends all over the world. As a blogger, everyday I have learned plenty of things that are valuable and helpful to me. We also share ideas, tips, experiences and so many things .
I've heard about payperpost from many bloggers, I also read a lot of testimonials on blogs that being a member or postie of payperpost is all bloggers dream, they said they made good amount of money taking opportunities in payperpost. Wow I was challenge, try my luck and sign up. Luckily they accepted me and gave me the chance to be one of their posties and do blog marketing, it sound so fun and exciting. I'm so happy that I'm a Payperpost postie now.
It so nice to earn your own money since I'm a full time home maker. I can treat my hubby for dinner and also I want to save some money for a get away somewhere.


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