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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American ADOBO!!!

For dinner last night I've cooked Chicken pork Adobo, when hubby came home he go right away and watch TV, he said its basketball, I serve him dinner while his watching TV coz he said we're going to the store later on.
I'm not hungry yet so didn't join him, after I serve him dinner I've took shower and get ready, when I check back on him, man he almost ate all the adobo, whats left for me is 1 pcs chicken drumstick! (ang takaw ng asawa ko basta pinoy food na, ano ba!)his answer was plain and simple "it's so good thats why the tartness and the soy souse is just right, good thing I still left 1 pcs for you lol" (natawa nalang ako coz he loves my cooking lol) he likes it so much especially when its spicy coz I put chillies and lots of ginger on it....


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