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Sunday, April 6, 2008


"I'm crying, my whole body is trembling, I'm so frightened that I can't barely move my feet"
This incident happen to me early last month. I don't have any problem with our neighbor they are nice and friendly, next door is an old lady living with her younger daughter and the boyfriend, and the old ladies other kids only come to visit her. After new year I've noticed addition in her house, I'm sure its her son, on his mid 30s, that's the first time I saw him since I came here, I though his just visiting his mom but I saw him more often like his already living with them. During weekdays I'm always home alone until hubby came home in the afternoon and even the neighbors are nice I always lock all doors and windows are closed. One time I was bothered by the son of the old lady, he sing so loud like shouting, then I observe his annoying, I'm sure his a drug addict, I inform my hubby about him so he will be aware.
It was Monday, hubby was home before noon and park his truck by the mailbox, few weeks ago we receive a notice from the mail man to clear the mail box with any obstruction, hubby ask me to move the truck coz hes so busy watching sports on TV, ok then I went out and move the truck, the annoying neighbor is waving at me while I'm reversing the truck, he makes me feel uneasy and stay inside the truck for a while and look at him by the mirror, I finally came out and he told me "that's good", I hurriedly went inside the house and never told hubby about it coz I know he will get furious.
Later on, hubby's friend came and ask him to go with them for a while and they went with my hubby's truck.
Just 1 minute pass by, I went to close the main door and saw our neighbor outside our fence like his looking for me or something, I'm not sure. I lock everything put down the curtains and sit still, I can feel something is wrong, then I've heard him calling "hello neighbor" many times I didn't answer thinking he might go away if I will not respond him, then his throwing little stones to our house, my whole body started to shake while answering him, he said "is your husband there", hello! he saw my husband went with his friends! I ask him what he want and he go "are you selling your surf board?" but hardly understand him, I go "I don't know" and close the window.I'm trembling while calling my hubby, honestly I'm so scared of him, I know his so HIGH on DRUGS, I barely can't understand what he's saying it sound like his tongue is numb and his out of his mind you can see by the look of his face his tripping.
I called my hubby many times and ask him to come home right away, his just few miles away I'm sure, I'm crying, my whole body is trembling, I'm so frightened that I can't barely move my feet, the neighbor still throwing tiny stones and calling me. I have phobia of drug addicts. When hubby came home his still there by the fence, hubby confronted him and told him if you do that again she will call the cops and he go "i stay away i don't want troubles, I just came out from prison, in for 10 years" much more scary!
I know he had BAD intentions, I feel it, my instinct is telling me that's why I'm trembling so hard, I hug my hubby cried so hard and was speechless. After that I only came out the house with hubby I'm so scared of him, I don't have freedom in our own house. I get paranoid watching every little noises outside especially when I'm home alone, poor me.
The family apologized for what had happen. Few weeks later they told us that he was caught in a stolen car and back in prison. Thanks GOD I have my freedom again.

The MISSING Ribs!!!

Usually every weekend I grill or cook good meal, like this one here, it's our dinner last night.
Let me tell you this unforgettable experience of mine last February. It's our Anniversary week at the same time almost Valentines day, that's weekend and for some reason me and hubby can't have our dinner date at any resto, so I've decided to just grill some ribs for dinner and enjoy it with wine. It's a bit dark outside already when I've started grilling, I've marinated about 3 regular size slabs of ribs.
I'm grilling it one at a time, when I'm almost done with the second ribs I keep on calling hubby to get the ribs and bring it inside, I don't know whats his watching and he didn't hear me, I took the cook ribs from the grill so I can place the last one in and took the cook ribs really quick inside the house. When I came back I found the grill and the container where I've place the uncooked ribs empty, I WONDER if I'm already done grilling the rest of the ribs, came in the house and found out that only two ribs was inside the foil, what the heck! Oh well honestly theres lots of wild cat here in our neighborhood and I never noticed while I'm grilling that the cats are spaying at me, it's so dark outside its impossible to spot the cats LOL, I really get furious of the wild cats, they even took the bigger slab!
Can't do nothing but enjoy the rest of our night: lesson learned: keep an eye on what your doing LOL...


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