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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Burning and Gaining!

The view from the park, view of Waianae Range and down below is Makakilo, I love to look at that view, the clouds playing with the mountain range, the houses on top of the hills and you can see the busy freeway down below.
We went to the park today and burn some fats! (after all the foods I've posted and ate, its time to burn it now lol) this park is where we usually spend our weekend afternoon, hubby and his son are playing basketball while I do the walking and cycling around the park, fresh air, sun and burning calories, feels good! guess what we have for dinner!

After burning some fats, here we go again adding more! lol, before we went to the park I've marinated this Kalbis for dinner. Now I'm thinking, am i doing the right thing?! tsk tsk, me and hubby can't resist the yummy KALBIS, hahaha, We'll just burn fats again next week.


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