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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My DRAMA Today!

(Mao kini ang akung DRAMA karung adlawa ang title kay "TINUNUAN")
This is my DRAMA today "The Coconut MILK", my "Ginataan or Binignit" is a little late for the easter, supposed I have cooked this last week but the banana is not yet ripe, well it's better than nothing. Hubby will be happy cause he loves to eat Binignit but surely he will complain! my binignit is not purple, he's used to binignit which is purple in color, well, the sweet potato I bought is not that purple and I don't want to add food coloring. "Just imagine it's purple my hubby!" lol
And another "ginataang gulay" (ano ba yan pinakbet na may gata? parang overcooked!) lol, yah it's overcooked! lol I'm fishing for opps while I'm cooking the vegetables and sad to say I didn't catch anything today!
Oh well, I will just enjoy my Ginataang gulay and the binignit. KAIN TAYO!


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