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Thursday, March 20, 2008


(Ang bisdak kay ka tag-an asa ni nga pungko-pungko dapita, sigi daw be!)
If you are BISDAK! for sure you know "pongko-pongko", and now your mouth might be watering and missing the foods at pongko-pongko another type of street food vending machine hahaha, why we call it "pongko-pongko" pongko means to sit down in cebuano, to sit down on a simple stool and a simple table with wide array of viands and puso (rice wrap in young coconut leaves boiled to cook), the viands includes almost all are cooked FRIED lumpia, ngoyung, bulad, hotdog, tungul, ukoy, fish, except for boiled egg =), vinegar in chili and soy sauce are free.
Usually they are operates at late afternoon till dawn. hhmmm sounds like BISDAK people are nocturnal?


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