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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Hillarious Dinner Cruise Experience!

Hubby ask me if I want to have a dinner cruise with him one day last year, that was my Birthday month so he treat me for dinner every weekend that whole month (sweet huh) well of course I say yes since I haven't experience it yet and dinner cuise sound so ROMANTIC, so he said go online and book for two for tonight (ang lola so excited) so we went and Since the cruise is about two hours by Waikiki and its summer so I am sure the ocean is calm, and Waikiki is southern part of the island the swell is not that bad, so I didn't take any sea sick medicine.
We went on board with all the tourist, the dinner is serve when the catamaran move out to the ocean. dinner is followed by show including hula dance and a lot of things. After the dinner we went on the viewing deck to catch the sunset and watch the island view from the ocean, and the lola is starting to have SEA SICK! I feel nauseous and I spot a couch and laid there and I'm praying that two hours will be over! I want dry land I dont want to stay longer on that catamaran I'm dying and I want to threw up! eeewwwwwwwww and I did threw up, (sayang and dinner ko) my dinner went to waste hahahaha, I even missed the show coz I was lying on hubbys lap! Theres no ROMANTIC dinner cruise for me =(
Now hubby ask me he want to buy a small boat again for fishing and leisure(He have one before) and I don't know I love the ocean but the thing is I don't know how to swim and I easily get seasick, the ocean obviously doesn't like me hahahaha
few shot I took of the famous diamond head crater near Waikiki, (if you watch snake on the plane you can see this crater on start of the film)


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