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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Girls favorite accessories, I really love this ring here, simply because its beauty and the design is so elegant. I personally like pearl surrounded by diamonds, it's so sophisticated, it's so wow in my eyes, and it's so ouch in my pocket! hehehe, I like set jewelries, it's a good investment though, I don't know if its practical or not. I always search for good designs and also trying to make my own design, a little bit simple is elegant to the eyes.

HAWAII Island Hop

This is Kauai Island taken obviously from the sky :), its near airport already upon touchdown. The garden isle as the locals call it, its so enchanting, the views are breath tacking. It's just a small island though but historical and the oldest island among the Hawaiian Island chains. Almost every local people here know each other, so laid back than Honolulu. One of the beautiful spots here is the Waimea canyon by Kokee, Kalalau lookout, dry caves by north shore, the spouting horn by Poipu. Surfers visit this place too, to catch waves by north shore. It so amazing place. I'm so fascinated by the water falls. And did you know that the wettest place on earth is located in Kauai Island, the mount Waialeale. Watch out for more pictures of KAUAI'S Wonders.


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