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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Korean Dishes

We get so crazy about Korean food so last night we decided to go to our favorite Korean restaurant, it's a buffet type eat all you can, and we satisfy our cravings with their oh so good foods the kalbi's, korean bbq spicy meat, the steaks, fresh shrimp that we grill on our table meat and fish jun, the calamari, and the spicy massles yum yum...
I opt homecooking and I end up cooking some of our meal hehehe but this is what we like in this Korean resto, cooking our kalbi, korean spicy bbq, some of beef steak, shrimp, it was to fun, but hmmm where are the raw oysters? how come they don't have it last night? anyway we really love the food and the spicy yummy kimchi and daikon... all the food where so delicious...


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