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Friday, March 7, 2008


It's ALOHA friday, but me and hubby are not planning to spend the night out, we want to spend our quality friday night time at home enjoying a bottle of good white wine, alone with each other watching TV and sharing any kind thoughts... This is how we spend our quality time together, we are not so party people hehehe... Have a fun and wonderful weekend friends.


LeAnne Rimes is digging for something! ewww that looks gross, "the number you dial is busy right now, try dial again later"! I repeat "the number you dial is not available at the moment please dial again later"!, please hang up and try your luck later!


I cant believe this is Nicky Hilton, shes so skinny,she was walking from a street in L.A., isn't she afraid that she looks like anorexic. Hey Nicky did you know that you're too skinny and that doesn't look good! I don't want to be that skinny, thats not sexy at all, thats scary already... (hahabulin ka nang ASO nyan cg ka, akalain bulalo! :)) )


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