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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BUZZ of the DAY!!

YES thats true! they are planning to get married after she gave birth to their twins, and the places they consider to held their quiet nuptial are Santa Barbara or France, or a Budhist ceremony on the beach of ASIA "it's a ceremony a monk would perform that ties their family together".
After Angies trip to war-torn-Iraq, and spoke to several American Soldiers, It's an eye opener to Angie, who is pregnant with twins, "Some of these soldiers had spouses and children at home- and Angie couldn't help thinking about what would happen to her family if something happen to her."
Angie decided to create a legal bond with Brad for the sake of their kids. Although the surnames of Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, and Zahara, 3, have been legally change to Jolie-Pitt, they have not been officially adapted by Brad. "This is about protecting their kids, if they are legally married, then the custody of their children wouldn't been an issue if something happens to Angelina.
Brad, 44 is so trilled and beyond happy, "He has been pushing a wedding since practically the first night they were together."
I'm so excited that they are planning to get married and waiting for it to happen.

American IDOL

Ramiele Malubay, she is one with the best voice in American Idol, shes a Filipino from Miramar, FL. I like her so much because she got the good voice and shes Filipino, so I'm begging to all Filipino bloggers to vote for her, lets support our kababayan to the end. I know AVEE posted this video already but I'm campaigning for Ramiele Malubay, again I'm asking to you Guys lets vote for her and support her to the end...The best part of this video is when Simon give his good comments to her.
The way she do her mouth while she sings, she remind me of MANILYN REYNES hehehe


I bet most of you guys watch this already but I want to place this video in my blog coz I like this guy, he was so HILARIOUS! the best part is when Paula, Randy and Ryan join him on the stage, he is so humble, even he FLANK the audition he remain so nice and still ADMIRED SIMON COWELL. You can see that he can't make it through but we have one FILIPINA Who made it on season 7 it's Ramiele Malubay. I'M PROUD FILIPINO


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