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Monday, February 18, 2008

LETS Gossip...


Everywhere you can watch and read about this pop star Britney Spears, from tabloids, news papers, TV, magazines... What is happening to her? First she get married for the first time for just several hours and get divorce, then make news and hook up to one of her dancer K Fed, have two babies followed by divorce and custody battles...Is she at rock bottom now?, the depression, who's Sam Lutfi anf Abnan Galid in her life? I'll pause for a minute and be back with lots of latest! check it out here for my next gossip...

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BUZZ of the day!!!


Paris Hilton has plucked another former flame to be her current public makeout partner.
she was first seen kissing ex Simon Rex during Sundance, and the fling continued when the two returned to L.A. Paris and her sometime co-star locked lips at the Mark Ronson's pre Grammy party at teddy's the Fuse TV party at Goa, her 27th party at Area, and then the two left hand in hand from villa. Paris, never one to be alone, was simon-free at the grammys but was making moves on John Mayer.

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