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Sunday, February 17, 2008

BUZZ of the day!

BRANGELINA sightings...

Im a HUGE HUGE fan of Bradd Pitt ever for 0ver 12 years now, I followed his love life and get a little furious when he marry Jenifer Aniston. Anyway, I still follow him and watch his movies and get scoops. Now he hook up with Angelina Jolie, that happen to be my Favorite celebrity too, she got character and style.

THE Latest! Brad and Angie is expecting again, and not just a baby but a babies! according to the latest, they might have twin or triplets, thats a lot! but they love kids. But "Angie have some scary moments over the past few weeks, She's been cramping, and each time she's called a Doctor immediately to ask if that's normal. But every ultrasound so far looks fine."

Being careful: this time they are playing it safe, they moved a full-time live-in nurse with her own room and medical quarters. she also travel with Angelina when Angie goes more than 10 miles away, and especially overseas. She also hired assistant to cook healthier meals for her. " Angie loves greasy, fatty food and eats lots of it," this assistants is cooking some Angie's favorites - sousage, bacon, ham - but shes adding fruits and vegetables to the menu.
In short Brad and Angie are determined to do everything they can to ensure a healthy pregnancy. And they still have adaption to plan, too. " Brad make it clear that He and Angie aren't done adopting, they're only taking a break!"

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