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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Lasting Friendship

Thank you for all the times in my life you were such a vital part of it, and for being the unique essence of our lasting friendship.

I've check our mailbox today and found this card from my best friends way back home, we became BFF's since high school days, even we went on to different ways and we didn't see each other for 10 long years now, we still communicate and value so much our friendship.
I'm still a little teary, im a bit sentimental baby, the real essence of friendship is being a faithful friend no matter how oceans apart you are or how busy each ones life...
This post is dedicated to my best friends Benjielit, Marie, Caressa, Fhey, and Nita(nita who past away few years ago but still one of our treasured friend and always be in our heart and part of our life forever) THANK YOU SO MUCH my BEST FRIENDS YOUR FRIENDSHIP IS WELL APPRECIATED! I MISS YOU GUYS.

Hawaiian wild chicken (manok bisaya)

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friends don't get me wrong, I'm not a chicken fighter! As you know that im FILIPINA, there are lots of this kind of chicken in the Philippines we call it NATIVE or (manok bisaya), this fowls were raised by individuals, but I was surprised on my first day here, I thought our neighbor are raising chicken coz i find lots of chicken in our yard, but my hubby said it's WILD Chicken, they don't eat wild chicken here and it's like a pest damaging our garden and lawn. I don't know how can we eliminate this chickens and wild cats too! Thats why one day I joke my hubby "why don't we just catch those chicken and eat them make chicken soup (manok bisaya and malunggay), he get furious he said I'm crazy those chickens might have bird flu or other kind disease (hubby I'm just kidding ok!) of course I will not eat those wild chicken I don't know what they feed on.
well then just call humane society and see how they can help us about it hihihi


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