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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Under Construction!

I'm married to a contractor, one project we have was renovating apartments in one of the retirement home here in our place, few months ago one of his crew takes vacation and not to mention his the best of them all, so I insist to my hubby that I want to fill in coz I know it's indoor job and not too heavy for me, since I'm a full time housewife and bored of staying home, finally he say yes after couple days of insisting.
I help do the steel framings, cut some steel, screw the framings, help hang drywalls, assist installing the counter tops, help install the cabinets and the handles and everything including cleaning up the rubbish, it was a good experience though it's tough job!
Now I can be a handyman hahaha
anyone out there who needs a HANDYMAN?... I'm just a LINK away...


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