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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Afraid to SWIM!!!

I came from PHILIPPINES, geographically its archipelago consist of 7,ooo+ (hi tide or low tide?) islands and islets, there are plenty of bodies of water, ocean, rivers and so on, yet I don't know how to swim! I'm not scared of water but I'm scared to swim especially in the ocean, the culprit is no other than...
this big fellow here, huh! too much JAWS watching when i was little girl!
Even i'm residing now for good here on the islands of HAWAII, geograpically located in the middle of PACIFIC ocean, man I only get more scared of this fellow, though we don't have that much shark attacks here but I better stay at shallow water and not get lucky to become our fellows dinner! hehehe


I turn to love HAWAIIAN ISLANDS life, it's quit laid back life here, without too much hassle and bustle of city life, like most major cities in the mainland U.S.,
we have major islands kauai, oahu, molokai, lanai, maui, and the big island hawaii as we call it here, niihau which is the forbidden island is privately owned, no tourist allowed even local unless you ask permission from the owner.

The climate here is great all year round, though I only
hate summer time coz it's too hot and the air is dry, but the rest of
the season, it's awesome. We have sunny winter, only the summit of big island and maui got snow on winter, though it's windy and cold, it's the favorite season of surfers coz winter wind from north brings 15-30 footer of swell, it's so nice to watch those big surfs!

Oahu island where Honolulu is, was the most populated of all the islands, 75% of hawaii population are residing here in oahu, only 25% lives at the other islands, Oahu was the most develop island, but local residence (kama'aina's) wants all the islands to remain it's untouched PARADISE beauty.


It's football season when i arrive in U.S., I don't watch football, one reason is I don't understand the game, but my hubby love's to watch it and i hate it when he watch the game because he don't want to be disturb and DON'T EVER TRY TO TOUCH THE REMOTE CONTROL!. so as the saying goes "IF YOU CANT BEAT 'EM JOIN 'EM" well later on I understand the game and LOVE it, I love our very own U.H. warriors, and i started to watch NFL, and like the GIANTS!
now it's superbowl day and before i post this blog, i prepare our pupu's (hawaiian term for finger food or snack that goes with beer or drinks, hehehe i don't know the word) the menus are crispy fried chicken wings, grilled shrimp, tortang talong (grilled eggplant then friend with beaten eggs) rice, chips and more hehehe (kinsay maniwang ana?)
I wish our fav team will win the game, who ever win, lets just enjoy the game guys...


it's a close and tight game yet GIANTS made it!



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