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Saturday, February 2, 2008

How to spot a FILIPINO house here in HAWAII

this picture is taken from pilipino herb

Hawaii is one of the state where you can find so many FILIPINO, here in Oahu island where HONOLULU is, we have 2 FILIPINO places or city, one is KALIHI and the other one is WAIPAHU, if you are lonely and you missed PINAS just visit this places and you can find plenty filipino owned stores,filipino resaurant,pinoy bakeries, ASIAN markets and FILIPINO FOOD yum! that is why im not that homesick coz i can always eat filipino food any day I wish.
AND as my title goes... HOW you can spot a filipino house here in HAWAII? man It's easy! if the house have a backyard garden,planted with camote tops (sweet potatoes) tangkong, and most of all MALUNGGAY, you're 99.9% sure that house is owned by a filipino family, almost every FILIPINO house here have big MALUNGGAY on their yard, and it's towering the house (pagka tag-as sa kamunggay, taas pa sa balay ug namunga pa!) , including me hahahaha, filipino's really love to grow vegetables in their backyard even we can find our very own filipino vegies at asian market. bisaya like me love to boil banana (lung-ag ug sagging hilaw ug ginamus), or if you miss BINIGNIT you can buy at any filipino store or make your own, ingredients are available at store.
what i miss at pinas? my family and friends, the food? only the lechon coz I'm almost HOME here in HAWAII.


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