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Friday, February 1, 2008

Road Trip

yesterday me and my birthday KING spend the day together, we went to our favorite restaurant by north part of the island it's ROMY's kahuku shrimp and prawn, it will take about an hour driving from our place, i love going there because it means tour around the island and I never get tired site seeing around our aina (means ISLAND in hawaiian) OAHU, anyhow we really love ROMY's because the food is great, we always order a bunch like we never ate for couple of days! hahaha imagine that we have 3 plates of garlic butter PRAWN and a plate of garlic butter shrimp, we like garlic butter compared to other type of preparation, believe it or not we ate 'em all! after we ate we take the north shore road and pass by sunset beach to see some big waves but sad to say there's no big waves this time of the day, only about 2-3 foot, i miss those 15-20 footer waves, we're not surfer's but it's nice to watch that big waves. we went by HALEIWA (read as HALE'IVA) park by the beach and take a nap for a while, we always like take a nap when we're FULL :-)) ( do we have SWINE syndrome?) it's so quiet and the scenery is awesome...
I cant wait for our next around the island tour... the ocean side drive, the waves, mountain view, and the FOOD, it's kind of laid back life here.


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