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Thursday, January 31, 2008

my Birthday KING

today is my hubby's Birthday and his now ... hahaha sorry it's censored i can't tell you guys how old is he now, he already stop counting 15 years ago! me too i stop counting last year we nailed it down already hahaha
he's so funny, I wonder why he ask me last night to mix a few drinks for him, I told him, " I thought you already stop counting 15 years ago and you're too scared when your birthday is coming" he simply said " I'm celebrating" I get confused? anyway when we wake up this morning i great him again, I ask him i though you dont want to celebrate your birthday because you don't want to add another year in your calendar and sound old, He said " last night I'm just celebrating the last day of my age 44 coz now I'm 45. oh that it is now!
well i think I'll cook a good dinner tonight and i bake him double chocolate cupcake so he can make his wish, I'll just decorate it with pretty icing and thats it...

(my hubby said to me his my bday KING not boy) hahaha fantasy


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