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Friday, January 25, 2008

driving lesson

today is the 4th day of my driving lesson, my instructor told me that I'm doing good already but i need to complete some more 5 lessons at least before i can take road test.
let me share you my experience, you might find it hilarious, but my instructor needs to carry a lot of PATIENCE with him every time his teaching me, I'm so scared going out to traffic area's where there are cars moving and there's speed limit, on our 1st day he teach me how to control the car by controlling the break and gas moving the car so slow and making it stop without jerking, i do good in couple try, then he made me roll the car and try making turns on curves, and i became a defensive driver, i get so scared that i might hit those park cars there since where doing my lessons on a residential area, i make turn and make cuts on the other side of the road and too scared the the car I'm driving might hit the curve! I know that I'm giving my instructor hard time, but i can't help my self!
2nd day we go by the airport area, and start by the parking area and a couple try, I get what his trying to teach me and we end up in a busy hi-way! I've asked my instructor "do you trust your life on me?" Good job to my self i can drive 30-35 mph, blend in the traffic and i can even switch lane and can drive straight even make a sharp curve.
3rd day! i have problems on my turnings AGAIN I got rusted! i blew off what I've learned the day before, shame on me! maybe my instructor get tired of me, he told me " we go out to traffic!" is he thinking the right way?! gosh he made me drive at the highway all the way to the FREEWAY! " ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" I don't have any choice where already at the FREEWAY off ramp! just do it baby! let your gut out! that was a good experience driving 50-60mph on the freeway? i can't believe i made it safe and we reach where we supposed to go, Lord I LOVE U for making my freeway experience SAFE!!! But when i reach the freeway GOD i GOT so freaking COLD my body feels like trembling! i don't know why! maybe i got so excited and happy that im on the freeway driving and at the same time im nervous!!!


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