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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home school or not

Well certified teachers are locked into a standards but home school parents can go above the standards. One-size-fits-all public-school classroom has failed and not all children develop at the same rate. Home schooling is a great alternative to children who are not yet ready to decode reading and grasp math concept to ensure that one-on-one instruction takes place so that the child can master this skill.
On the other hand their children will be isolated from mainstream issues and conflicts essential to growing up as well-prepared person.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

HOT Chilis

I plant different kind of chilies in our backyard because my husband loves to eat spicy food and also chilies. I have Asian chillies, Thai chillies and Jalapeno. Now he snob my chillies because when he sits on his porcelain throne it feels chili hot down his butt lol.
Now I just pick up my chilies and keep it on fridge, the jalapeno I pickle them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This was taken at the office where I worked part-time. I'm waiting for hubby to pick me up, while waiting I'm helping my other boss print his photos but ms printer is not cooperating with us, he took a photo of me and I'm camera shy lol, I'm tired and exhausted and I hate the pimple that pops up on my face arrgg. I was hiding when he attempt taking this picture, hahaha my hair is so messy due to hiding under the table lol. Ugly stolen shot lol.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sharks sightings

There was a lot of shark sightings in Hawaii this month and there are no specific explanation about it. Two weeks ago there was one shark attack reported. At the big island Hawaii the beaches were closed for days because of shark sightings, it was 6-14 footers tiger shark and last month they also sighted a 23 footer great white shark, that is scary. But sharks lives in water and if you saw one there are chances that 10 sharks had seen you already but just avoid you.
Maybe the reason of this shark sightings at shallow waters is its their mating season, there is no scientific prof about it but last year same month also has a lot of sightings too.
So when you go to the beach catching up the last summer month better be careful and watch for the sign posted.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Filipino Cuisine

I love cooking ever since I can remember, my grandma is a good cook, when there is wedding, occasions or feast they always call her to cook for them. I remember I think I was five that time that we went to a wedding and my grandma is the main cook and I'm watching them preparing the ingredients and cooking, her sister is also good on preparing sweet treats and local delicacies. I also remember they made cakes but due to lack of materials and ingredients they only do the local delicacies and chiffon cakes that they decorate with yummy icing made of confectioners sugar and egg whites. The process is so hard because they use the old fashion way no electric mixer and electric oven only convection oven on top of kerosene stove and great grandfa also have kerosene fridge lol.
I know that Filipino cuisine is so simple because we only use the ingredients that is available and inexpensive. But cuisine differs from which island and tribe you belong. On my father side they cook more like Spanish and I love it especially the Arroz de valenciana which my grandma cooks so good, oh the yummy and flaky empanada the best I ever taste, I love eating tamales which I don't know how they made it. On my mother side they don't have that much complicated food, all are cook on simple ways.
Why more on Spanish dish, because Philippines was conquered by Spaniards for 300 years and maybe the island where my father side, was concentrated by the Spanish and they pick in up and treasure the Spanish culture until now, in fact they call Zamboanga city as the 'Latin city of Asia' and if I'm right it's the only remaining broken Spanish speaking city in the Philippines, yeah broken Spanish because they don't have the Spanish grammar though but everything are almost the same.
Back to Filipino Cuisine, I have observe that many of Filipino dishes are mix in culture, I mean like the famous "Pansit" or stir fry noodle is a Chinese influence (introduce by merchant Chinese long before the Spanish came) there are lots of food that are Chinese too like dumplings, stir fried veggies and many more. Curried and spicy food I believe is a Malaysian influence. Paella, arroz de valenciana, afritada, caldereta, adobo, tamalles, empanada, roasted pig are influence by Spanish.
So what are the native Filipino cuisine? I'm not sure because each tribe has its own specialty and I'm sure that it is also influence by other Asian country.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ms Piggy is SAFE

Yeah my little piggy bank is safe. On my previous post I decided to use piggy to buy a range. When hubby came home he said lets go to the store and I said wait my piggy, he then said "save your piggy I'm going to use the tax refund" ok then piggy is now safe and sound lol.

My Piggy, My Savior

When i was a little girl my mom teach me to save loose coins on piggy bank or simply just any container that can hold my little fortune. I come to love this idea and until now I have this fashion. If you save loose change it will accumulate to a good amount.
Well when I first came here i saw my husband loose change filled up on his bed side table. I get a big container and place it all in and until now its accumulating.
Our tax payment is so huge, that's the disadvantage of having your own small business I must say, I never though that we are paying that much tax this year, last year is much better though we even get a good refund but this year all I can say is OMG!
Well I need a new range and we have this monthly tax payment that worth two car loans. In order to help a little and get my stove I told hubby to bring me to coin counting machine later and after we go and get my stove. His initial reaction after telling him that, he laugh so loud that he can't believe me. Bad husband, I'm freaking serious lol.
Lesson learned: as always my piggy bank saves me.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I got this thing last night, Am I happy? yes and no...
Yes because finally I got a new baby...
NO! because I can't connect it with internet and today I run all over the place to make it work. I went to the internet provider office that end up they don't assist my problem the only thing I can do is call their technical support. I went to get a router and a cooling pad. When I came home I'm so excited and try to install everything so I can get internet on my lappy. Yes I got internet but how come I can't go anywhere, i type or anything else it goes to roadrunner which is the internet providers website grrrrrrr I call the technical support of our internet provider but still it didn't help at all, the call went for over an hour that make my ears so hot and also make me more upset because all the options didn't work. Last option call the store where I bought it and they said bring it down they will check it and if factory defect they will replace my lappy. That's why I don't want to purchased online cause if ever I get a defect electronic item its so hard to call them and return it, local store is accessible though.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long Day

The other night I received a call from the CPA and he wants me to help him for two days, do some paper works and also deal with his one client which is Filipino, so my other job is "interpreter" lol, the CPA is a local Japanese and when he encounter a Filipino client he introduce me. I still be working with him tomorrow though, have to get up early.
Today after work I went to Ala Moana Mall, roam around a little and found cooks books but its heavy and husband didn't pick me up, so maybe tomorrow I can pick it up I love those cookbooks full of fancy food inside.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cast your VOTE

Have you heard about this "Great American Seafood cook off" that will be held at Louisiana on August 2 and 3. You can cast your vote and enter to win a price which is a travel to New Orleans, Louisiana.
That photo above is my choice of entry a creation of Chef Brian Landry of Louisiana, I love shrimp so much and this Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet is a Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille sausage smothered in a white bean casserole. It looks so yum and they also put in the recipes on the site so I might try to cook that this week. I will try cooking it first using the same ingredients as listed by Chef Brian Landry and maybe I can re create this recipe by using Portuguese sausage instead of Andouille and eliminate the beans and some herbs.
When you talk about seafoods here in the US New Orleans Louisiana is so famouse that is why I trust and have choose to vote for this contest a dish made of Chef Brian Landry of Louisiana. I hope he will win and you can also cast your vote by going to this site, cast your vote now and let your favorite recipe or chef win.
Here in US we have the best taste of seafood, we have to use our own seafood to benefit our local fisher mans. You can guarantee that local seafood's are fresh and has great taste. What are you waiting for cast your vote for your favorite recipe at "Great American Seafood cook off" site
Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood


This are some of his catch last time he went to Molokai island, he gave some to his buddy. The other friend of his who go on the other boat are season fisher mans and expect they got plenty catch than my husband. He said he got one mahi-mahi but lost it on his hands lol.
Better luck next time, and my husband he was roasted by the sun and looks he lose weight on that overnight trip, actually that's 2 days and 1 night trip. I hope he will take a rest from fishing for awhile but fishing is only during summer, when its winter you will be toast by huge waves.


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