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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pros and Cons of Taking a BUS

I have a truck but unfortunately I don't have enough guts to drive it especially on a busy hiways and freeways. Sometimes I run errands when hubby is working or fishing, with out any choice I have to catch the BUS.
Good thing about the bus when our trucks broke down or in the shop we can took bus and head home while waiting them to fix it. When I'm with my husband I'm sure I'm safe but when I'm alone, I don't know.
Bus is dirty because its a public transit, when I reach home after taking the bus I shower right away (am I germ freak?)
Expect to have an annoying seatmate grrrrrrrr, I don't talk to strangers but sometimes I respect them especially when they ask something or talk to me but my experience yesterday was horrible ever! an old man sit beside me and started to talk, I have a huge heart for this elderly people but not with a maniac old guy! he ask my number and said he will take me to a shopping spree, even I come down the bus stop his tailing me I gave him the wrong number so he will stop and I take the long and winding way home. What a desperate OLD MAN! I don't need shopping spree, he better buy a driver and car if he is really rich grrrrrrr.
Lesson learned! Never TALK to stranger again while on the bus! and gather all my nerve so I can drive my truck and avoid being harass by this maniac people without consideration and respect. I'm getting mad and angry thinking of that 65 year old guy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My garden is almost a year old now and I have variety of herbs and veggies that I keep on cultivating, watering every afternoon and also I'm trying to replace the one I've harvested and introducing some more veggies seeds. Some part of the garden is already shady because I let the basil grow like bushes and also the lemon grass.
Suddenly I noticed that some of my plants are dying and it looks like an animal have skinned the plant bark and the leaves are damaged like a worm eat them. My first and only suspect are the wild chickens, they love eating my chillies from leaves to fruits. I place screens on my precious garden and its impossible that chicken will eat my green onions, sage, leek, and thyme. What happen to mu leek somebody is making fun of me! The leaves are almost gone, the sage has no trace at all the leave of the wild bitter squash that I let vine on the screen during summer to keep shade of my green onions was all massacred! BAD CHICKENS! But I was watching it closely for days and no chickens came to visit. What a mystery, (Nancy Drew on the Mission!) Today I finally realized that tons of LAND SNAILS are nesting in the shady wet hallow block that I use as soil barriers. BAD SLUGGSSSSSS, GRRRRRR I was fighting with the snails later today and gather them and throw them away.
I wish they won't come back I HATE LAND SNAILS you eat my garden! Tomorrow I will make sure that there's no more even baby snails on my garden.

I will make a sign "SNAILS KEEP OUT!" lol

Sunday, August 24, 2008

12,000 Calories a day?

When I know that his taking in 12,000 calories a day I said "what will I look like if I'm the one taking in that much calories and I exercise less". I might be obese or something.
In Phelps career he need that much calories because he works out really hard, but he is not fat. Now I believe that swimming is a better exercise and might be you burn more fats faster when you swim. Hmmm it make me think to enroll swimming lesson because unfortunately I'm not a good swimmer lol.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hubby and I are going fishing today, taking another off from blogging. Hope the weather is good today and not windy. I'm praying that I won't get seasick, I bought some doughnuts for me and couple of sweet snacks, we might be whole day out in the ocean. Hope we can catch plenty and variety of fish.
I might eat ginger before we leave, according to the Japanese ginger is anti-motion sickness, let see if they are right. A friend of my husband said he didn't get sea sick because he drink Sprite. I'll experiment everything and WISH ME LUCK!


Another pressure day! I have a lazy day today just relaxing and preparing for tomorrow's fishing trip. Suddenly my husband called me up asking why I didn't answer the CPA's call, hoe I will answer when he didn't call? My husband asked me to call the CPA because he needs information from me for the renewal of business license. I take my time and didn't call him yet because I already know my day will messed up, but my husband check me up again if I called, ok I will and sure enough my days to come is MESSED up. The CPA want's me to input all the bank statement on EXCEL or redo the QUICKEN, now my brain is in pain!
I don't know where to start I get confused on the formulas, I will go fishing the whole day tomorrow with hubby and the CPA want me to turn in my assignments on Friday... I'm sure I need couples days, I don't have magic wand and I'm not expert on EXCEL yet!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


After two days of sitting all day long from my EXCEL seminar here I am again sitting on my butt, poor hiney (Lyn's term) it will sore again tonight for sure.
Well I'm just relaxing and creating something here, love digi-scrap and I'm practicing my hidden talent lol.
Quite happy on this one though I have to download more materials...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two days OFF

I'm taking off today until tomorrow from blogging, I have to attend two days seminar workshop about EXCEL. For two days I paid almost $150.00, that's 6 hours of lesson per day. But I must say its worth the amount I paid, I have learned so many things about EXCEL beyond basic and I really appreciate it because I'm self thought. Tomorrow another module which is Advance Excel, I need to practice this program right away, the CPA keeps on pressuring me, and already gave me an assignment to be done with EXCEL , whew!
I'm thinking to go back school and get a degree in accounting (if only I listen to my dad!).
Back to the seminar, our educator is really funny and he keeps the class lively, its a good strategy though, we have fun at the same time we learned, since its not a boring class we want to learn some more. Hopefully tomorrow it will still be as fun as today.
By the way if you want to upgrade or learn more about windows software visit and check out their online and on site seminars, it's worth the price.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I was trying to make my own header and layout but I get frustrated, I don't have the right software plus I'm not a GEEK lol. I have problem yesterday when I place the header that I made, hands up I'm done!
Until yesterday afternoon madam Carlota (she's a Layout Designer; customizing blogger layouts) IM me about something until I asked her to look at my header, and she end up doing my layout.
It is so pretty I like it so much, I was surprise that she place my images, she really knows what I like and what I don't like. She also made me EntreCard logo, when she showed me the look of my new blog my grin was from ear to ear, it makes me giggle.
If you want to have your blog customized visit her site and ask her, its so affordable.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend fishing!

Hooray! It's weekend again and they might go fishing on Sunday, supposedly fishing will be on Saturday but mistress was not here yet. She's been to the shop for service for 5 days now, another problem with mistress is the steering wheel, she only turn good going right but it's so hard turning her left. They said she will be done today but it's late in the afternoon already and they didn't call yet so that means she might be home tomorrow morning.
I want to go fishing with them but hubby said I might just ruin the trip, because they will go as early as 5am and will be back at around 2 or 3 pm, that will be a long fishing at the ocean and I might not handle it, and I'm sure I can't stay that long. I might come home as thin as "olive oil" (popeye GF) due to throwing up lol. That sound's a good slimming method lol lol.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What I'm up to?

I have so many work load to be done! Since Tuesday I'm doing paper works and accounting stuff for our small business and it's driving me crazy lol. The accountant is introducing me to so many softwares and it's like biting food more than I could chew!. Though I can learn fast experimenting and learning it my self but it's making me more confused when the accountant suddenly call me and tell me 2 days dealine for what he wants me to do! Accounting is not an easy JOB! since yesterday I was figuring out why my work on the programs is not balance as what on the bank and credit statements, which already making me frustrated. But Thanks GOD finally I figure it out and do it last minute, now I can say accounting is not that hard IF you know what you are doing and need to do lol.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

BEEF Shawarma wraps

I really missed shawarma wrap, I used to but it at shawarma kiost in the mall back home. Actually its a Persian food, it consist of cook beef strips, fresh tomatoes sliced, cucumber and onions with hot sauce and a little seasoned plain yogurt. It's so yummy.
Ingredients and procedure:
Fita bread or tortilla wraps
hot souce

marinate and cook
1 lb chunk steak, cut in stripes
1 cup plain yogurt
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon allspice

when beef is cooked, warm a little fita bread on stove top then assemble in the middle of fita bread or tortilla wrap the beef, cucumber, tomatoes, onions pour hot sauce as you desired and about table spoon of plain yogurt an wrap, enjoy.

First Pay Check!

Today I get my first pay check lol, actually I only work for our accountant during weekend or when he needs my help doing clerical jobs and stuff for him and at the same time learning accounting stuff and doing book keeping. I think he don't need to pay me because I'm learning, nah actually I'm doing thing for his other clients too that why he's paying me. And he just gave me a check today for my 8 hours work lol.


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