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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cocktails for Summer

What summer cocktail is good and bad?
Bad: Frozen margarita; because they're so refreshing, it's easy to quench summer time thirst with lots of this tart treats. But beware: with tons of sugar in the margarita mixture alone, they can add up to weight gain.
Good: Strawberry daiquiri; sipping this fruity drink may actually do the body good. Recent research show that the ethanol in alcohol actually boosts strawberries' antioxidant properties.

Another TOYS

Just showing off some of his toys, this things cause him a fortune, and for two days on sea no catch. I ask him what did you get he answer " I catch some fun", ok then. Hope next time they will catch fish and fun.
He is not in the mood since yesterday and we didn't talk until today, I don't care I didn't do anything wrong. If he still don't talk to me tonight who cares! lol

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Job

Last Sunday is my first day of work; actually it's just a part time job during weekend at our accountant's office. I'm doing sorting stuff and also he is teaching me some basic accounting things. Good, his paying me per hour at the same time his teaching me things that I need to learn to handle our own books. Its fun working with him, I've learn a lot of things and hoping that this will last long.
Anyway, his office is by town at Koko Head, and since my husband went fishing on Sunday, I end up taking the long bus ride to Waikiki, I left home almost 11am and suppose to be on his office by 2pm because I have to work from 2-6pm, and guess what time I arrive at his office? Almost 3pm, Sunday bus schedule is worse lol. But at least I arrive there.

Maybe next week I'll be working on Saturday morning, I might take the bus again.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My UnBirthday Cake

All my friends and visitors can take a piece of my cake it's chocolate fudge cake. How I wish the frosting was peanut butter chocolate and I must love it so much lol.
I didn't bake my own cake because I'm not felling well on my birthday week, I decided to buy one layer regular size cake and I want chocolate cake, it's so good though I'm the only one eating it and it's still half until now, hubby is not so much on cakes especially with frosting.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Monday

Actually this is my typical Monday, where I'm juggling house hold chores and my blogging. I supposed to wake up as early as 5am, I set my cell phone alarm clock last night, but I was worn out yesterday and it’s impossible for me to get up early. I was up at 6:30 preparing breakfast of my two boys then went right away to my computer checking for some task. When the boys are gone, I do the laundry and some house cleaning, and baking goodies in the afternoon. I’m tired today; actually I woke up this morning feeling so tired. Hope tomorrow is a better day for me.


Generally called Suman, but in Visayas area they call it bud-bud. I have craving for this Filipino delicacy and I forgot how to make it. I asked couple friend online how they made this, based on what they told me, I come to my own measurements.

3 cups sweet rice
1 can coconut milk
1 tsp salt
1-1/2 cup sugar, add more sugar if you want it sweeter
ginger cut in stripes, just enough to have a gingery taste
banana leaves

Soak sweet rice for 12-18 hours or overnight, strain sweet rice. In a pot or rice cooker mix all ingredients except banana leaves. Cook sweet rice, when cook cool for 15 minutes the start wrapping sweet rice on banana leaves, cut banana leaves about 5x10 inch size, place 2 tbsp of cook sweet rice and start rolling it to form elongated round shape, wrap and fold the edges.
Place all wrap sweet rice in a big pot and pour water until all are covered with water, cook for 1 hour and done.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad Husband!

Last Saturday we went around town like crazy looking for his fishing stuffs, we walked around aloha stadium because they got swap meet every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, but they don't have any fishing stuff, only souvenirs for tourist. Planning to go back there sometime soon to shop, love the things they sold there.
Oh back to my bad husband, after we roamed around uptown and walk for miles under the sun, he then told me on the truck that his calling his friend to ask him when he can get the FISHING POLES AND REELS that he sold to my husband. I don't know if I get mad or what, why he let me walk that far that he already have fishing poles and reels. I'm like a raging bull with smokes on my nose lol, because those second hand fishing poles and reels cause him $1,200.00!
Alright husband make sure you got fish and you can pay for this stuff, I can do nothing boohoo.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What HIS up TOO

This is the things he brought home today. Fishing baits and the other two are stinky, I'm sure he is serious about his fishing plans and he is so happy announcing the his new BABY will be here by next week Wednesday and he will Break it in on Saturday and try fishing.
I am sure that lots of expenses for fishing stuff will be flowing this week till next week, I didn't see any fishing poles and reels yet and my golly reels and fishing poles are not cheap!.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

VOG damage CROPS

If California is struggling to control the wildfire and central US suffered from flooding that damage their crops. We too here in Hawaii are fighting to save the crops in big Island Hawaii that was damage by VOG (Volcanic Pollution).
Farmers are asking help from the state, VOG has damage, all their crops from tomatoes, green onions, cauliflowers and so much more. And vog is pushing them out of business which makes them consider filing for bankruptcy.
They can do nothing about the vog since there's a new vent have open last week, this means more vog are spreading throughout the islands, and more crops will be damage. Their hope is only the government help.

photo source


Yeah my husband has new GF as in Girlfriend! Should I be happy? Yes and no. Yes because he is crazy of his GF fishing boat that he is going to get soon, NO because it’s another monthly payment, the expenses for the fishing pools and reels are not cheap and some additions to the boat and so on. That new GF is high maintenance, but what can I do? Boys will be boys, whatever they want they get it so be it! I wish he will be happy with his investment and that new GF will not ask for more additional expenses or I ask my husband to dump her lol.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NO Poking PLS!

This is the new FASHION in town, You can show it off out but remember NO SITTING lol
Kudos to the fashion designers for this wonderful creation. I'm just scared if the balloons will poke. But anyway most of the models are wearing skin tone tights, just in case.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The beach by our place

Anyway Hawaii has so many wonderful beaches, and this photo is just quarter mile from our home in fact I can see this beach from my kitchen window. It's unspoiled and many come to camp and fish here during night time. Shoreline fishing is popular on this area; they just set their fishing pole and wait till it rings. This shoreline is by the hi-way and when you drive to the west end you will see this spectacular coastline of white sandy beach and mountain range. What a wonderful Hawaii.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The BANG on the 4th

Not much to celebrate on the 4th of July. I and my husband just stay at home; we didn't go to town and caught in the middle of traffic.
This is better though I just grilled steak and that’s it, after we ate dinner we have some fireworks on, actually this fireworks are left from New Year lol. We have good time together on the 4th.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hope you can see the dome on top of the mountain actually it’s so huge and looks like a golf ball, it's a military radar, this area here is a military zone and they close this beach sometimes, this is the end point of west Oahu if you want to go around the island there's no way you can travel here with your car but you have your options that includes your feet, yah walk around, dirt bike or ATV.
I include this photo here because this mountain is the back side of the first photo. And if you will just look closely on top of this mountain you can see the Golf ball like dome but partially covered with clouds.

Out again!

Showing off the west side view

How can we save gas when my husband can't stay at home during weekend!
This is the end point of the west side of the island of Oahu it’s called Kaena point where one of the Air force base is located they have big radar dome on top of this mountain it’s like a big golf ball. We love coming on this side, this side here where I'm standing is rocky but best for shoreline fishing, at my back you can see a white sandy beach.
Its unplanned trip and we have lots of FUN.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Enjoy The 4TH

I am so thankful to be part of this country and celebrate the 4th of July. Last year we celebrate the 4th having dinner by the ocean side at John Dominos and watching the fireworks while we are having dinner. Only I didn't understand the food I have ordered, it’s kind of their seafood specialty but not my taste lol.
This time we will just celebrate the 4th here in our home and spend quality time with my husband and maybe with a toss!

Friends HAPPY 4th of July and Enjoy the weekend

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Now I'm a Travel AGENT!

Maybe I'll be doing a small traveling agency business, why I came to this idea because almost all my husband family are calling me to book them online an airline ticket, my step daughter and her boyfriend call me to book then ticket for their escapade where ever they want to go and now another addition, husbands friends are calling him to ask me book online ticket for them! hmmm. Do I look like travel agent? Lol, I think I will have a lot coming client’s hahaha. But anyway as long as I'm not busy I can please them lol.

One Day Get Away

I was shocked with my husband's decision this morning, I was on the computer after his shower and just pop up on the office door and said 'book me a flight to Kauai' my answer was 'are you serious? For when?' he then said 'tomorrow morning' he must be kidding. Well it’s inter-island flight so there must a open seat since its weekdays. He grew up in Kauai and his family, relatives and friends are in Kauai, his purpose is to pay a respect to the funeral of their family friend. I was like crazy making it for him and luckily I did get him a flight in the morning to Kauai and he will be back here in the evening the same day, I will not be going for some reason and I will also see a friends tomorrow. My step daughter asked me if I'm coming with his dad and of course I explain to her that nope I won't, I asked something from my step daughter and I will keep calling her tomorrow and reminding her the whole day until she give it to me lol.


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