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Monday, June 30, 2008

Fire ANTS!

Yuck! Last week I noticed that by my chili plants ants are building their home like 3 different kinds of ants, tiny black heads, reds medium size and fire ants ewww. I complain to my husband because these creatures are eating my chilies! For two days I keep complaining until he move his ass and spray insect killer around the yard and the house. Few days ago I saw one big ants crawling around the house, then the other day the husband saw another giant ants and today I saw plenty dying fire giant ants by my office, yuck I hate this giant ant maybe they are poisoned already because the rest was dead and one is dying. I went around the house again and spread fire ants poison. I don't want be bitten by this giant creatures.
Why this insects are coming out during summer, a lot of insects, are they joining the humans enjoying and having fun during summer?

Flying Termites

One thing I hate during summer is the flying termites! Although we have electronic insect killer outside at the back of our house but sometime there are so many attacking it, almost every day when the sun is down and the insect killer having this like frying or electrocuting noise, I know already that the flying termites are attacking, I'm wondering where this insect come from they are so many like thousands attacking and dying almost every day but still a lot coming. When they attacking I closed all the doors, windows and turn off all the light inside the house, they are attracted with light and we don't want unwanted visitors inside our house. The lizards are so happy feeding with this insect and me and hubby are unhappy when there are few escaping and flying inside the house.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Idol Then and Now

Do you still remember her? I can't forget this beautiful lady, I recall the old days, I was so young about 5 years old or so and my mom and dad are so fun of "wonder woman", our TV that time is black and white with wooden frame hahaha.
She's my idol too and when they re-run wonder woman on our local TV station in the Philippines I really watch every re-run episodes and recall my childhood days. I love her blue eyes, her perfect face and figure, her costume, she’s so beautiful and I have searched her recent photo and she’s still pretty.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Expensive Vegetables

Did you know that 90 percent of our produced, can goods, meats and other things came from the mainland and shipped here, that’s why we have very expensive food and produced here? According to the local farmers it’s also expensive to grow vegetables here because the land is so expensive the solution is grow your own vegetable in your backyard if you have a little space.
In my case, I do love gardening a lot flowers or vegetables and herbs. At first the husband doesn’t want me to plant anything, but I'm hard headed and I bought pot, soil and seeds. I asked my mom-in-law for malunggay seeds (horseradish tree), lemon grass and alugbati (malabar night shade). I have different kinds of chilis like Thai chili, jalapeƱo, peppers, Asian chili. I planted herbs that I mostly use like sage, rosemary, thyme, green onions, chives, basil, parsley, oregano. I have my celery, ti leaf, carrots, beans, okra, and bitter gourd. Maybe if only I have a good size land I will be a farmer hahahaha.
I love eating the vegetables I've planted and it’s organic too.

My 200th Post!

Yippy I have reach my 200th POST on this blog, actually this was my first blog or mother blog, born on January 16th, 2008. Jana is the mother of this blog, taking care of it and nurturing it with good useful stuff and sometimes with junk nonsense post; sometimes I get so lazy updating my blogs and only want to stare on it all day long.
When I woke up each morning my routine is go directly on my PC and see who leaves me comments or who have visited my blogs, then if there's no task I do my random visit right away. BUT My blogs depend on my mood, If I'm in good mood I keep posting anything that are popping on my mind and I randomly visit as much blog as I can, when I'm not in the mood or I feel lazy, I still open my PC first thing in the morning but just look who came to visit then put it to sleep and watch TV or do the household thing lol lol.
Now you know when you don't see me on your respective blog especially weekdays that means the GIRL is attacked by LAZINESS! hahahaha

Friday, June 27, 2008


Why I post this? because of Jenn, look at my tag board and Jenn commented that I have similarity with Aubrey Miles lol, nah ah maybe the eyes nyahahaha.
Well Aubrey Miles is a sexy actress in the Ph, she models FHM magazine most of the time, she got a great body, I appreciate her beauty and acting talent.
I was laughing and giggling when I read my tag board, she made me reminisce my young and singles life in Cebu and my friends who make fun of me and call me Aubrey Miles! TOINK!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

From PH with smell lol

This is what my mom-in-law brought us from Philippines, that goodies that I have miss so much.
1 is what we call suman or bud-bud, fanny name but yummy, usually its made of sweet rice, coconut milk and sugar but this one they use dawa or bird seed, this was my first time tasting it but real good and yummy.
2 are goodies like pork cracklings that we munch with vinegar and chilies and lot of cookies and biscuits like otap, rosquilios and other delicacies from Cebu PH.
3 this is one of my favorite brownies from reb ribbon bakeshop home of the finest cakes in PH but the best brownies I ever taste is the one made by KFC PH, yah they have the best brownies for my taste, rich chocolaty.
the next row is not for the FAINTED HEART lol.
4 is anchovy Ph style, we love this little nasty salty smelly tiny fish hahaha but for me it taste so good eaten with tomatoes and lemon.
5 & 6 are dried fish, this are not so salty kind and my favorite are fried dried squids yum with hot rice.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Indulge in this chocolate, yah we love indulging in this chocolate covered macadamia nuts. This was a gift from the kids basketball team, hubby is one of the assistant coach, and every potluck they give their coaches goodies as thank you. The kids are great they really are good player, and I am proud to say that they are unbeaten team last spring season, they won all the games. Hope that on the next season they will do the same but some of the kids on their team will move up to next age level.

Eating TIPS

During meal try to eat your vegetables on your plate first. Then when you get full before finishing you already have consumed a larger percentage of low-calorie, nutrient dense food. Make it a habit to eat your fruits and vegetables before diving in on your main course. This is a healthy way to get the right and balance amount of your meal.

ouch! burn again!

Yah I get burn from our oven two days in a row!, yesterday I was baking the cookies and when I have tried to full out the cookie sheet to place the the marshmallow and I accidentally touch the oven rack.
Today my husband called that hes coming home for breakfast with his two buddies, the materials for the job was not ready yet, that's why they'll come home for breakfast at 9:30am, I was scrambling to cook the breakfast, scrambled eggs with onions, fried Portuguese sausage, dried fish and baked bacon. Ouch! the bake bacon, when I took the baking sheet from the oven to drain off the oils I accidentally hit my hands on the racks again, now I have burn on my two hands. That's how CLUMSY I am!. I''' make sure next time I have my mittens on.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coffee and Nose Bleed

My husband hahve tea in the morning and seldom drink coffee because he said he feel like bloated when he drink coffee. But after watching the news about recent coffee study, that it may help you have a longer life, he then tell me to give him coffee in the morning.
The next day he have nose bleed and tell me don't give him coffee anymore, I notice that too before he switch to tea last year, he always got nose bleed, I never though having coffee cause it. I don't have any study to prove that but thats what happen to my husband when he have strong brewed coffee in the morning, nose bleed the next day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hubby was invited by his friend to go fishing with them today Friday, then suddenly his friend call him that it was canceled because he was ask by his boss to work. They will go fishing on weekend but hubby can't go his son is with us every weekend and he don't want to bring him fishing because he might get sea sick.
He was so excited to go but was cancelled, any way maybe next time. But the husband is planning to buy a small boat for fishing, he is determined to get one. He is now looking for a good size boat.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Tiger Reigns

I don't play golf and don't understand fully how is golf scored and played. I am fan of Tiger Woods though, and my hubby made me watch him play on TV and make me understand how the golf game goes. Since Saturday we are watching him play the 108 US open, yesterday when we are at the beach he let me check on my cell phone hows the Golf score and we are surprise to know that Tiger and Rocco are tie, that means they are both playing the playoff, I never know there's a golf playoff I thought its only on basketball. This morning we have watch the playoff and tiger was controlling the game by 3 points but it suddenly evaporates, since then they are exchanging the control on the game and I was so nervous when Rocco leads 1 points on the 18th hole, whew good thing Tiger made it to tie again and they will play for a 'sudden death'. This sudden sudden death play made me glued on TV that I don't even want to blink. They start at the 7th hole, Tiger started it well and all the ball was on green, meanwhile Rocco made his first shot land on banker and the next shot land on the grass again that means Tiger have a good chance here, and he did made it.
Congratulations TIGER, The USGA 108 US open 3rd time champion!.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally we MET!

When I'm still couple weeks doing blogging I met Princess, we became instant online buddies, she's living 5 miles away from my place. We have set a date couple months ago but I get sick and after that we both became so busy.
Last week she invited me again to stop by her house for lunch, she's thinking what food to prepare and I suggest Filipino food, so she have chicken adobo, sardines with tomatoes and fried dried squid, its so yummy and we get so full, thanks princess.
I love her dog named Haoli, he is so cute and I have fun playing with her dog, uhhhh want to have one but hubby don't like.
Hope we can meet again and have a good chitchat princess.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guess my Herbs -TRIVIA-

I have a little guessing game here: This are flowering herbs, its a famous and common herbs originate in India, commonly grown in Asia and tropical areas, have more than 150 species.
It's name came from Greek word that means 'king', it is still considered as the 'king of herbs'.
It is prominently featured in Italian cuisine, and also plays a major role in the Southeast Asian cuisines of Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian. It grows to between 30–130 cm tall, with opposite, light green, silkyleaves 3–11 cm long and 1–6 cm broad. The flowers are quite big, white in color and arranged in a terminal spike.

Leave your guess on my comment. ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't have any mood swing lol!, but sometimes I feel tired updating my blog. I have a lot of idea what to share here but tired to composed and type it. I'm wondering why that happen to me, honestly I enjoy blogging not because I'm earning but because every day I learned a lot of things by reading other blog and also reading the opps details. I also found new good friends almost everyday but sometimes really I'm not in the mood hahahaha.

Have a GOOD Laugh

Most of the time too much task is making me feel brain drained and can't think what to do next. So to refresh my mind I get a little laugh at Readers Digest Funny Cartoons, It's a big help, we all need a dose of laughter to keep our day going, thats my little secret.
Sometimes I check their Stand-up Videos, it will give you a good laugh and brighten up your day. They have a lot of video categories you can choose from one of my favorite categories are Comedians, funny videos and amazing people. Brighten up your day too by singing up to Jokes RSS feeds to keep the laughs coming their way and also sign-up for their Laughs newsletter to get a dose of "funny" every week.
Maybe you have good joke there that you want to share, submit your joke for a chance to win $100 and make people laugh.
This is fun, I have to submit some of my funny jokes too, I want to make people laugh and also win $100. Guys I'm looking forward to read your funny jokes and watch your funny videos at RD Laughs Main .
Here one on funny joke from RD.

A couple of New Jersey hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn’t seem to be breathing, and his eyes are rolled back in his head.
The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: “My friend is dead! What can I do?”
The operator, in a calm, soothing voice, says: “Just take it easy. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”
There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The guy’s voice comes back on the line. He says: “Okay, now what?”

Sponsored by Reader's Digest

Farmers market!

Waipahu Fiesta Farmers market, This market was just open this year. When I've heard about this market I ask hubby to go there and look around, well I like shopping fresh veggies, fruits and fish here.
Well they have the common Filipino veggies here, (i call it Filipino veggies because its common in Philippines) bitter squash, eggplant, tangkong or water spinach, kabucha squash, string beans, okra, fresh tomatoes, bananas, avocados, peas, bakchoy and many more.
Fish is a bit cheaper here than at department store.
I love coming here on weekend especially when theres a lot of veggies to chose from.

Sunday, June 8, 2008



Last night we have watch IRON MAN at the theater. The first couple minutes I didn't appreciate the movie because its about weapons and I am pacifist lol. The story is about Tony Stark ( Robert Downey) who is the master engineer and co owner of Stark Industry who are manufacturing weapons. He was at Afghanistan to demonstrate the 'jericho' cluster missile. He was ambushed and one of his own company's bombs lands near him and explodes.
Stark has been captured by the terrorist group Ten Rings, who order him to build a Jericho missile for them. Instead, he and fellow captiveDr. Yinsen secretly build a crude but strong power armor fueled by a miniature "arc reactor", a smaller version of a power source previously invented by Stark. The arc reactor supplies energy to an electromagnet which prevents embedded shrapnel from reaching Stark's heart, which would kill him.
Anyway I recommend this movie, rate 1-10, and 10 is the highest, I'll rate this movie 9. It was a funny, trilling, and very good movie rated PG13, we are waiting for the DVD release because we want to watch it again.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Savor Sour

Looks like specimen? nah ah! This is pickled mango, our good neighbor gave us, I have 2 jars of pickled mango in the fridge now, the other one big jar is given by my dear mother in-law, it has a lot left because I'm not so much into sour mangoes. (sorry mom) But this one here is so good, I love eating it lol...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Little Rest

The girl is sluggish for two days now, she just spent most of her day on bed watching TV, sleeping and eating oppssss, not in the mood updating her blog. I think this is my PMS, I'm always like this when its my period week, I have headache, backache and i feel tired. I took tylenol since yesterday...


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